A Short History Of Salt Lake City

As many already know, the first white people to settle in the area of Salt Lake City were of the Mormon faith. While this is common knowledge, there is much more to the story. If you are a history buff and do not know how the settlement started and the means in which it grew this story is an absolute must for you to learn.

Like many settlements of its day, it was mostly inhabited by men. It originated in 1847 and had 143 men, but only five women and children. The reason for the settlement was the desire of the people of the Mormon faith to have a place in which they could feel safe and secure in practicing their beliefs. While the United States was founded on the principles of religious freedom, that did not stop people from being very hostile to their way of life. This gave them a place far from others to live their lives as they saw fit.

As soon as their leader, Brigham Young, saw the valley he announced, “This is the place” and the settlement of the area began immediately. Crops began to be planted on the very first day and within the first week the plans for the town were created. It outlined the streets, which were unusually wide to accommodate the turning around of a team of oxen.

The following year more followers arrived, but the community faced some hardships. There was an unusually late frost, which delayed planting of some crops and the killing of others. There was also an infestation of crickets that destroyed a large percentage of their crops. There was also a drought that year that made the growing season extremely challenging. Despite all of this they were able to overcome and harvested enough to get through the winter.

As the years passed the word spread that this city was a promising home for those that were facing persecution around the world. When they came they brought with them their skills and trades, making the city extremely diverse and economically successful. Some believe this is due, in part, to the strict way they lived their life.

Salt Lake City grew thanks to the emigration of people all around the world. While those people were overwhelming of the Mormon faith, they were also extremely diverse in culture and skill. All of these factors helped to secure their place as a strong community.