I Thought Salt Lake City Was Boring

Ten years ago I met a woman online who lived in Salt Lake City. She was a really nice person and we hit it off so well we decided to start a relationship. At some point, we discussed me moving there and starting a life with her. The only thing I could think about was how fast-paced my life in New York City was and how boring it would be if I decided to move to her area.

We did not work out, but we stayed friends for years. I know I asked her about Salt Lake City and the crime rate several times and she said that crazy things happen there sometimes. I could not imagine that, so I decided to keep an eye on the city to see what it is all about.

Just this week, there was a story circulating about a couple of guys who had a fight. One of them ended up taking his frustrations out on the other by getting in an SVU and deliberately trying to run him down. I know that things like this can happen all over the place, but it seems like a place that is well known for having Mormons hanging around would not be this exciting.

I am not sure that things happen like this all of the time, but it sure seems like this place is not as boring as many people think it is. I am not saying that I want there to be violence and people getting hurt, but I am not used to being in an area that is quiet all of the time. I grew up living in a place that is bustling at all times of the night. I am not sure that I could survive elsewhere.