Facts about Salt Lake City

Utah is not necessarily a state that people think about visiting but it certainly does have a lot of interesting things to offer. That is especially true when it comes to the area of Salt Lake City, not only because it offers you an area with plenty to do, but because it is close to the action in many ways as well. Learning more about the city and the surrounding area helps you to realize is a very fascinating place.

There are over 190,000 individuals who call the city of Salt Lake City home. When it was first founded, it was known as Great Salt Lake City, but as of 1868, the word “great” was taken from the official name and now it is just known as Salt Lake City.

If you are into looking up your family history, you certainly would want to plan a trip to this city. At the very least, it should be on your bucket list. The Mormon church has the largest genealogical library that can be found in any area of the world, known as the Family History Library. Unlike some parts of the Mormon church, this library is open to the public and it is totally free of charge.

When you think of Kentucky Fried Chicken, what state do you think of? Most people think of Kentucky, obviously, but Salt Lake City is the first home of a Kentucky fried chicken restaurant. The recipe was first made in Kentucky, but Col. Sanders original restaurant was not named Kentucky fried chicken. Salt Lake City has that privilege.

Salt Lake City, which is very close to the great Salt Lake, is home to a rather unusual occurrence. In 1877, witnesses saw a monster in the lake that was described as having a horses head but the body of a crocodile. It was named the North Shore Monster, and the legend still lives down to this day.

One other interesting fact about the city is that it is home to a novelty shop known as Loftus Novelty. They make more rubber chickens than any other novelty manufacturer in the United States.

These are just a few fun facts about Salt Lake City, but they may just show you that it certainly does have a lot to offer. We didn’t even begin to touch on the restaurants, shopping and other activities that can be found in the city. Come for a visit and you will love it.